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Just Another Sports Blog is anything but that. Think Matthew Berry and The Fantasy Show. But actual good advice.

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Two writers. Two writers to rule the world. Two writers to help you win those bragging rights over brother-in-law Simon. You're welcome.


Just Some Dude

He's the guy who leads your league in waiver moves every year. You should see him work the phones the week of the Trade Deadline. I'm not going to say that he owned every Quarterback this year, because Tom Savage never made it off free agency (sorry 21 Savage). There's never a time that fantasy isn't on his mind, and he's the reason I sleep with "Do Not Disturb" on my phone. Now if only we could get him to wash clothes as often as he changed his team's name. 

Just Another dude

He might not win his league every year, but you know what they say - those who can't play, write blogs. Or something like that. He always tells you about how close he was to playing that receiver on his bench that just caught a touchdown pass, but always seems to leave him on the bench. Every week. If only he was as smart as he thought he was.                          





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