All Things NFL Week 6

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Week 5 Recap & Week 6 Pick Em


THANKS to the Patriots, Panthers, Bengals, Steelers, Chargers, Vikings, Cardinals, Rams, Texans and the Saints

Thanks for NOTHING to the Titans, Ravens, Packers :(, Jaguars, and Broncos 

Thursday Night 

Eagles @ Giants

-Eagles- Confidence Level: 6

Another week, another Eli disaster and OBJ blowup. The Giants would look SO much better with Alex Smith and Saquon Barkley in the backfield. Another wasted season with Eli at the helm.  

Sunday Games

Buccaneers @ Falcons

-Falcons- Confidence Level: 7

This should be a huge shootout with two of the most explosive passing offenses going up against maybe the two worst defenses in the league. I think Winston makes more mistakes than Matt Ryan and pull it out by a touchdown.

Panthers @ Redskins

-Panthers- Confidence Level: 11

The Panthers let the Giants almost beat them at home last week but after the Redskins got destroyed by the Saints I just can’t see them being able to stop McCaffrey and Newton either. In an offense that is already devoid of playmakers Chris Thompson might be out as for the game too.

Seahawks @ Raiders

-Seahawks- Confidence Level: 14

I don’t feel great picking the Seahawks on the road but there aren’t many games I will pick Grudens Raiders and this isn’t going to be one. Both teams should pound the football but Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin might be able to hookup over the top and send the Grudens to 1-5.

Colts @ Jets

-Jets- Confidence Level: 15

This one is a toss up. Neither team is really any good but it will be Andrew Luck throwing 50 times against the solid Jets Defense. I think Darnold can get a couple passes to Robby Anderson over the top and win a sloppy game at home.

Cardinals @ Vikings

-Vikings- Confidence Level: 2

If I was a Vikings fan I could see being worried about a letdown after a huge win against the Eagles BUT the Cardinals are awful and until they get McCoy and Wilks out of town the should keep whipped. 

Steelers @ Bengals

-Bengals- Confidence Level: 12

These AFC North games are always dog fights and this one should be excting. If only the Steelers had there shit together I would pick them because they have the best team on paper but with all the drama I have to go with the Bengals at home.

Chargers @ Browns

-Chargers- Confidence Level: 8

Baker has made the Browns a whole new time after taking over for the plodding Tyrod Taylor BUT this Chargers team is really explosive and when they get Joey Bosa back they are real contenders. The Browns shut down the Ravens last week but with Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen on this squad I don’t see them being able to stop all of Phillip Rivers weapons. 

Bills @ Texans

-Texans- Confidence Level: 3

Oh the Bills. They are going to trick us again this year but I don’t see it being this week against the Texans. They have a real star in TreDavious White at corner BUT the Texans just have way to many weapons for them to be able to even slow them down. McDermott just seems like one of those coaches who is better as an assistant than running a team. 

Bears @ Dolphins

-Bears- Confidence Level: 13

Both of these teams are teams that started out strong and have really exceeded any expectations any of us had for them BUT both of these teams are bad and the Dolphins are just the worse of the two. Trubisky gets another good week in until he comes back to earth soon enough.

Rams @ Broncos

-Rams- Confidence Level: 4

The Broncos have been one of the most disappointing teams in the league so far with Case Keenum unsurprisingly playing like a backup QB and the defense surpassingly being awful. Even with Chris Harris covering the slot, the Rams should be able to run and pass all over the defense and might even be resting there starters by the fourth quarter. 

Ravens @ Titans

-Ravens- Confidence Level: 9

The battle of two of the most boring teams in the league with two mediocre quarterbacks going against two top flight defenses.  I just don't think Mariota will be able to score much against the Ravens now that they have there best defensive player back in Jimmy Smith and I think Flacco might be able to connect with John Brown on one big play and pull out the win on the road. 

Jaguars @ Cowboys

-Jaguars- Confidence Level: 5

The Cowboys are bad. The skill position players for the cowboys are really bad. Jason Garret and Scott Linehan are SO FUCKING AWFUL. The Jaguars defense should run circles around Dak Prescott and the dink and dunk Cowboys offense AND the defense might even score more points than the Cowboys do all game. 

Chiefs @ Patriots

-Chiefs- Confidence Level: 10

This should be one of the best games of the year. New age Mahomes against the GOAT Brady. Everyone is talking this up as a shootout BUT the pats haven’t looked great besides the win last week against the bottom of the barrell Colts so since it is at home it should be close but I don’t see how the Pats week defense can keep up with all the Chiefs weapons.

Monday Night

49ers @ Packers

-Packers- Confidence Level: 1

My God last week was horrible. Maybe the Packers turn the ball over again and the 49ers control the clock and every Packers fans dream will come true and they lose and McCarthy gets fired next week. That’s a dream world though because Aaron Rodgers should come out firing and score all over the 49ers at home in chilly Green Bay. 

Some Fantasy Gold


-THE Guy for Week 6-

Patrick Mahomes against New England

-THE Value Guy for Week 6-

Jameis Winston against Tampa Bay

-Looking to Week 7-

Andy Dalton

Running Backs

-THE Guy for Week 6-

Melvin Gordon against Cleveland

THE Value Guy for Week 6-

Aaron Jones against San Francisco

-Looking to Week 7-

Wide Receivers

-THE Guy for Week 6-

Adam Thielen against Arizona

-THE Value Guy for Week 6-

Chester Rodgers against The Jets

Tight Ends

-THE Guy for Week 6-

Zach Ertz against the Giants

-THE Value Guy for Week 6-

Cameron Brate against Atlanta

-Looking to Week 7-


-THE D for Week 6-

Minnesota Vikings against Arizona

-THE Value D for Week 6-

Green Bay Packers against San Francisco

-Looking to Week 7-

Indianapolis Colts against Buffalo


Forrest Vickery