ALL Things NFL Week 7

Week 7 2018 schedule.jpg

All Things NFL Week 7

(10-5 for the week & 20-10 Overall)

THANKS to Eagles, Falcons, Seahawks, Jets, Vikings, Chargers, Texans, Rams, Ravens, and PACKERS

Thanks for NOTHING to Panthers, Bengals, Bears, Jaguars, and the Chiefs


Broncos @ Cardinals Confidence Level: 2


Titans @ Chargers Confidence Level: 7


Browns @ Buccaneers Confidence Level: 8


Panthers @ Eagles Confidence Level: 11


Vikings @ Jets Confidence Level: 3


Lions @ Dolphins Confidence Level: 12


Patriots @ Bears Confidence Level: 4


Bills @ Colts Confidence Level: 14


Texans @ Jaguars Confidence Level: 6


Saints @ Ravens Confidence Level: 13


Cowboys @ Redskins Confidence Level: 10


Rams @ 49ers Confidence Level: 1


Bengals @ Chiefs Confidence Level: 9


Giants @ Falcons Confidence Level: 5




-THE Guy for Week 7-

Matt Ryan vs The Giants

-THE Value Guy for Week 7-

Andy Dalton vs Kansas City

-Looking to Week 8-

Andy Dalton vs Tampa Bay

Running Backs

-THE Guy for Week 7-

Saquon Barkley vs Atlanta

-THE Value Guy for Week7-

Marlon Mack vs Buffalo

-Looking to Week 8-

Sony Michel against Buffalo


-THE Guy for Week 7-

Julio Jones against The Jets

-THE Value Guy for Week 7-

Willie Snead against New Orleans

-Looking to Week 8-

TY Hilton against Oakland


-THE D for Week 7-

Minnesota Vikings against The Jets

-THE Value D for Week 7-

Indianapolis against Buffalo

-Looking to Week 7-

New England Patriots vs Buffalo


Forrest Vickery