NFL PickEm Week 5

Week 5 Pick Em

Colts (1-3) @ Patriots (2-2) Confidence Rank: 1


Tom Brady on a short week against maybe the worst team in the League. Luck might have to throw 50 passes this game. Pats, Pats, Pats.

Titans (3-1) @ Bills (1-3) Confidence Rank: 13


This, surprisingly, should be one of the closest games of the week. The matchup is the perfect trap game (Vikings) and if the Bills can shut down Corey Davis (which if anyone can do it Tredavious White can) then it will come down to the shoddy Titans run game having to score for the Titans. I don’t think I will pick the Bills once this season but we have seen them beat a way better team in the Vikings at home. In the end, Dion Lewis scores two touchdowns and they pull it out after two Allen INTs.

Giants (1-3) @ Panthers (2-1) Confidence Rank: 14


This game is as much of a toss up as it gets. Panthers get the edge because of it being in Carolina but if only Eli Manning wasn’t the QB the Giants might could be a playoff team. Alex Smith sure would look good leading this offense. 

Dolphins (3-1) @ Bengals (3-1)    Confidence Rank: 6


It’s about time for us to see the Dolphins fall back to the crappy Dolphins of old. This Cincy offense is one of the best in the league with the emergance of Mixon and Boyd, the Bengals should be way to much for the overrated fish to handle. 

Ravens (3-1) @ Browns (1-2-1) Confidence Rank: 7


Poor Baker. This should be the week where he gets his true introduction to the NFL. The Ravens get there best defensive player back in Jimmy Smith and they add him to a defense that has only given up nine points in the second half this year. Nine points in eight quarters!!!! Baker throws two picks but has two touchdowns too.

Packers (2-1-1) @ Lions (1-3) Confidence Rank: 5


When the Packers play the Lions I choose the Packers (I know, i’m going to pick the packers in most games). Aaron Rodgers doesn’t lose to the Lions and I don’t see him losing to THIS Lions team either. Might be the second highest scoring game of the week.

Jaguars(3-1) @ Chiefs (4-0) Confidence Rank: 11


This one is as tough as it gets. This is Mahomes first HUGE test against the Jaguars defense and I don’t see them shutting him out BUT they have to lose at some point right? 

Broncos (2-2) @ Jets (1-3) Confidence Rank: 9


This is the week we get to see Von Miller and Bradley Chubb wreak havoc on a rookie qb. The skill position players for the Broncos should be too much for the Jets D to keep up with. 

Falcons (1-3) @ Steelers (1-2-1) Confidence Rank: 10


As well all know Big Ben and the Steelers are a completely different team at home and against a depleted Falcons defense they win a shootout between two of the most explosive offenses in football. Pittsburgh by a touchdown.

Raiders (1-3) @ Chargers (2-2) Confidence Rank: 2


The Raiders are awful. John Gruden is awful. They should still be winless if it wasn’t for the referees last week and I think there is no way they even slow down Melvin Gordon and if they did, then Rivers might throw for five touchdowns. 

Vikings (1-2-1) @ Eagles (2-2) Confidence Rank: 12


The rematch of the NFL Championship from last year isn’t exactly looking like what we thought it would be. The Eagles look like the better team BUT with Wentz working his way back into form, I think the Vikings figure a way to eek this one out since they are the more desperate team. The Eagles have one of the best run stopping units in the NFL but teams haven’t had near as much trouble throwing on them. Thielen and Diggs should be too much for the Eagles at home.

Cardinals (0-4) @ 49ers (1-3) Confidence Rank: 15


Who really knows here? The Cardinals have the worst coaching staff in the league (looking at you Mike McCoy) and the 49ers are depleted with injuries. It’s a toss up but i’m going with the Cardinals getting there first win here because they have the better skill position players and McCoy is going to have to start getting David Johnson the ball at some point right?

Rams (4-0) @ Seahawks (2-2) Confidence Rank: 3


This used to be the Seahawks destroying the Rams but oh how times have changed. The Seahawks look like they need to rebuild and the Rams look like the best team in football. It might be closer than the eye test would make you think because of the rivalry BUT the Rams should run away with it at some point after they sack Russell Wilson for the fifth time. 

Cowboys (2-2) @ Texans (1-3) Confidence Rank: 4


The Cowboys are BAD. How the hell do they have two wins and were close to having a third? Deshaun Watson and Co. should come out slinging it after a big win last week and there is no way the Cowboys weak offense can keep up with the Texans wideouts even if there running game is atrocious. 

Redskins (2-1) @ Saints (3-1) Confidence Rank: 8


This one is a tough one. The Redskins defense has played really well and we all know about Kamara “the king of fantasy” BUT there’s no way I pick against the Saints at home. 

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