Live & Learn Fantasy Draft #1 YAHOO

YAHOO Live & Learn Fantasy Football Draft 2017 


3rd Place finish for The ChEeSeHeAdZ

** This is a 3 WR/TE league with one flex spot.


1(5)- Ezekiel Elliot RB/DAL could have had Todd Gurley

We weren’t sure how long he would be out and there were some reports that it might get overturned which it didn’t. Can’t regret this pick in a keeper league though because having Zeke on your team every year is a great start every year.

2(16)- AJ Green WR/CIN could have had Hopkins? Most early WR flopped

He only had three 100 yard games all season and dissapeared in more games than he blew up in. Hopefully I will remember next year to draft a consistent WR.

3(25)- Lamar Miller RB/HOU could have had Kareem Hunt

The number of better RBs I could have gotten here is a long list but at least Miller was worth a consistent 9 or 10 points every week.

4(36)- Deandre Hopkins WR/HOU no could have here

I went in real big on Houston. One of the best value picks in every draft and a GREAT keeper going into a full year with Deshaun Watson at the helm.

5(45)- Keenan Allen WR/SD could have had Tyreek Hill maybe?

Allen was a great value in the 5th and put out the same points as Green and finished stronger 3 rounds later

6(56)- CJ Anderson RB/DEN could have had Derrick Henry?

He started out strong but the Broncos fell apart and they stopped giving CJ the ball. Sprinkled in some solid games early on though.

7(65)- Marcus Mariota QB/TEN could have had Cam Newton the next pick

NEVER EVER AGAIN. My last never ever again pick was Todd Gurley the year before last (you people that had him will understand)…

8(76)- Darren McFadden RB/DAL could have had Tevin Coleman

Grabbed him early just in case Zeke got suspended and then he didn’t even really play. Good thing I swapped him out for Morris right before the season started.

9(85)- Brandon Marshall WR/NYG could have had Sterling Sheppard?

Lasted five putrid weeks and then was out for the season. Draft for more potential IDIOT!

10(96)- Eddie Lacy RB/SEA could have had Alvin Kamara

Threw a dart at the board with one of the Seahawks rbs and missed the board completely. Kamara or Collins sure would have looked nice here.

11(105)- NE Defense could have had Jags D

EH. Dropped them real quick and streamed defenses the rest of the way. The Jags D pretty much carried the guy who won our league to the championship.

12(116)- Jeremy Hill RB/CIN could have had Alex Collins

Hill sucked. Was hoping he would be the guy and needless to say he wasn’t. POTENTIAL!!

13(125)- Matt Forte RB/NYJ could have had Kenyan Drake

Again. Whats with the old guys. Injured. Had one good game. Sucked.

14(136)- Mike Wallace WR/BAL could have had Adam Thielen

Had a good game or two but was cut for Morris before the season even started. 

15(145)- Dustin Hopkins K/WAS who cares about kickers

I think he got cut before the season started. Blah kickers Blah.


^^** Had to work the waiver wire all year trying to fix this shitty draft. I always seem to go with old reliable at the end of the draft instead of potential that could hit in week 5. I'm never too worried about it though because the thought is to not worry about dropping these guys and picking up a young guy a week early instead of a week late. Swooped up Deshaun Watson, Alvin Kamara, Robby Anderson, and Jamaal Williams and that helped me make up for all the misses. 

-Just Some Dude 

Forrest Vickery