5 things to get you through the season with the Texas Rangers

5 things to think about to get you through the season with the TEXAS RANGERS


Rangers fans came into this season knowing that our hopes and dreams of a competitive season could quickly turn south and here we are 62 games in and we are only 12 games below .500. Good thing we are spending 17 million dollars on Matt Moore and Mike Minor right…. There is so much more to that Sin-Soo Choo contract though, the dude really has good at bats?? Despite the record and a few bloated contract, surprisingly there are a ton of good things to look forward to for this year and the next couple of years.


“The Cornerstone Guys”Elvis Andrus, Joey Gallo, and Nomar Mazara

Andrus is still really, really good and with a new approach at the plate he had his first 20/20 year last year and looked to be on that same path before a broken elbow this year. He should be back in two weeks and could spend the next month reinforcing his trade value or setting up himself as the cornerstone to a quick rebuild. Elvis is as “Texas Ranger” as any player ever at this point but JD is going to have to decide if he wants to get 2 or 3 prospects for him or hold on to Elvis for the next 7 or 8 years and make him a career Ranger. The sound of three top prospects sounds great but having Elvis around so we can hold on to the idea of a competitive team in the next year or two even better. WithJoey Gallo and Nomar Mazarayou have two guys who are young and could be the 3/4 hitter for the next 10 years maybe. Everyone has been talking about Gallo’s big time power for years now and seeing him hit 41 bombs last year proved them right. He has shown some imporovment this year with his approach and if he can get that average up to around .250 we could have a cleanup hitter in his prime for a long time. Mazara is the real gem though because he is the best all around hitter the Rangers have and could be there #3 hitter for the next 10 years if he keeps improving as quickly as he is. The dude is 23 and he should make his first all-star team this year!! The Rangers could possibly have three young all stars batting 2-4 for the next couple years and that’s a lot more than most teams have.  


“Hopefully half a dozen young pitchers” 

The only positive words you will hear about pitching in this article is the amount of young arms we could bring in around the trade deadline. If they really wanted to get crazy the Rangers could realistically trade Cole Hamels, Adrian Beltre, Keona Kela, Jake Diekman, Alex Claudio, Bartolo Colon, and Robinson Chirinos for a ton of young players. This is what we could be hoping to get from some of these guys..

Hamels and Diekman to the Yanks for 3 prospects (1 top 100 SP)

Beltre to the Indians for 2 prospects

Colon to the Rockies for one prospect 

Chirinos to the Brewers for a minor league pitcher

I think we hold onto Kela and Claudio but if we could probably get 2 or 3 solid prospects back for our two best, controllable bullpen arms.


“The young guys and the not so young anymore guys but are still kinda young”

We still have 3 guys up the middle of the field that could be really good major league players in Odor, Profar and Deshields. Odor isn't far off from being a guy we thought could go 30/30, Deshields should be a 100 run and 40-50 sb guy every year and keeps improving on defense and Profar has shown glimpses of being the guy all Rangers fans wished he would turn into. Theres no doubt these guys could still become a solid part of the core or at least get traded off and become solid players elswhere. Ronald Guzman and Isiaih Kiner-Falefa’s have been big suprises in the early part of the year and could become guys who carve out spots at the corners for the next couple years if they can keep showing potential in the big leagues. Guzman has always been a really good defender and a line drive hitter but he also found his power stroke the last couple weeks hitting a couple bombs and sticking around longer than expected. IKF is just a winning type of player and I’ve heard the comparison to Michael Young a couple times. (I know thats super bold but this article is about hope)


“Young hitting galore in the minors”

Leody Taveres , Willie Calhoun, Julio Pablo Martinez, and Bubba Thompson are 4 of the top outfield prospects in all of baseball with Taveres and Calhoun being in the top 100 overall. The Rangers system is filled with really high quality hitting prospects and hopefully after adding Cole Winn (1st round pick) to some of our young guys right now, and hopefully a couple guys this trade deadline we could be bringing the farm system back to the head of the pack like it was a couple years ago. 



They are hoping to open it by the 2020 season and it will have a retractable roof! What more can you ask for!? AND this means we should be getting a all-star game in the next couple years and will only help in signing free agents (CLAYTON KERSHAW COME HOME).





Forrest Vickery