NBA - Lebron's Celtics SUPERTEAM

The summer of Lebron is here (I know it seems like this happens every other year) and the sports world will be spending the next month debating where the best player in the world will “take his talents” next season. Stephen A. Smith reported last week the teams that are real options are Cleveland, Boston, Philly, Miami, Houston, Lakers, and Warriors which is pretty much what we have all thought for the last year now. For the longest time it rotated between staying home, to going to the Lakers, to teaming up with CP3 in Houston but now the BEST option and the only real superteam option is the one that has 7 sports championships in the last 15 years and the city that seems to be the go to destination for all the top free agents in every sport these days, Boston. Lebron does have options upon options around the league and all of them bring there own positives to the table that will attract him, so even though I say we pack this talk up and send him to Boston, no one ever really knows what Lebron is thinking so we might as well go through the suitors. 

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The SUPERTEAM option in Boston

If the Celtics are interested, this should be Lebron's one and only option. The salaries wouldn’t be all that hard to match up and instead of leaving the Cavs roster bare he would be leaving them with some picks and a few solid pieces they wouldn't get with him just leaving in free agency. Not only would he be teaming up with the exact type of team he would need to beat the Warriors, he would also join the team that would probably stop him from making the Finals if he stuck with Cleveland or went to Philly. Lebron has constantly mentioned being overmatched this season and after watching this Finals the Boston option  is the option that helps him chase down Jordan for the best player to ever step on the court. The best way to make this happen would be for Lebron to pick up his option with Cleveland and they would trade him to Boston for Kyrie Irving (21M),  Marcus Morris (5M), Guerschon Yabusele (2M) and the 27th pick in this years draft. Then the Cavs would send Kyrie to the Knicks for Frank Nktilikina (4M), Courtney Lee (12M) and the 9th overall pick. Easy does it.

*Boston ends up with Lebron and a starting lineup that matches up perfectly with the Warriors. Rozier, Hayward, Tatum, Lebron, and Horford sounds pretty good.

*Instead of losing Lebron for nothing Cleveland gets Frank Nktilikina, Marcus Morris, Courtney Lee, Yabusele, the 27th pick, and the 9th pick in this years draft.                                                            

*New York gets Kyrie Irving to team up with Porzingis. Kyrie would actually love this if the report by Chris Mannix is true that this is his dream team to play for since he’s from Jersey.


OPTION 2- STAY HOME with Cleveland on another 1+1 contract..  

After watching the finals sweep it seems like everyone thinks LeBron is gone BUT I wouldn't say we should count Kolby Altman out just yet. This is Altman's chance to prove himself as a GM and turn Kevin Love and the 8th pick into two or three players that would match up better with the Warriors and the Celtics. People keep downplaying that 8th pick but Wendell Carter from Duke could be an Al Horford clone (an all-star) or Mikal Bridges from Villanova (who is my favorite wing in the draft) could end up being a Paul George type in a couple years. The Cavs still have the injury prone Kevin Love who we all know is a great fit with Lebron's game but not the best option to be as much as an asses against small ball teams like the Warriors.  If they want to keep Lebron they will have to figure a way to package the 8th pick and one or two of George Hill (19M), Jordan Clarkson (12M), Tristan Thompson (17M), or JR Smith (12M) for a player that can take the scoring pressure off Lebron and still be able to play defense. Once again, there are a ton of options but heres a list of teams/players that might be attainable with a draft pick/salary swap.

Grizzlies Mike Conley and Tyreke Evans, Hornets Kemba Walker and Nicolas Batum, Hawks Kent Bazemore and Dennis Schroeder, Clippers Deandre Jordan and Lou Williams, Nets Spencer Dinwiddie and DeMarre Carroll AND Love would open up a bunch of options if they wanted to send him to a team like the Thunder in a sign and trade for Paul George



Philadelphia 76ers - On paper the 76ers seem like a really great option with the already have a strong, young, cheap core of Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, and Joel Embid but there are obvious problems as well. Don't get me wrong, this could really work but the floor spacing would be tough and no matter how great Embid  is he still wouldn't be able to guard the Warriors when they play small ball (which does work both ways). I think if the Celtics situation can't be worked out and the Cavs can't seem to work out a trade to bring along enough impact players then this option is a great option and would give us 4 really solid teams in the NBA battling it out for a long time. 

LA Lakers - Like I said before this would be my fourth or fifth option if I was Lebron but Lakers fans and some reporters seem to think he would love to play in LA. They would have to renounce the rights to Julius Randle and let all there free agents go which would allow them to sign Lebron and Paul George for a little bit below there maxes. It’s not a bad team but I don’t see a team with two 20 year olds in the starting lineup beating the Warriors or the Rockets. The option here everyone isn’t talking about that would make more sense to me would be for the Lakers to sign Lebron and Cp3 and turn around and try to package Luol Deng, the 25th pick and Lonzo Ball/Brandon Ingram for a more seasoned player like Bradley Beal/Otto Porter or Paul Millsap. 

Houston Rockets - This used to be my favorite option but now that I know exactly how crazy Darryl Morey would have to get (I don't put it past him) by convincing Chris Paul to take a pay cut and pretty much letting almost ever other player on the roster go. I think Lebron would LOVE to team up with CP3 but I would think he would also have worries about teaming up with James Harden after his multiple playoff meltdowns. 

Miami Heat - This is the longest shot of the group because with there payroll commitments and the talent on the roster it really makes no sense besides him playing here before. No way this happens.

**Warriors AIN'T HAPPENIN**






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