The problem with the “athletic” Quarterback in the NFL

Ray Lewis said a couple days ago “Lamar Jackson has no weaknesses”………………………… Who the fuck gave this guy a mic.


Mel Kiper is wrong A LOT. Bleacher Report came out with an article talking about how Kiper thinks Josh Allen is the #1 guy in the draft despite his accuracy issues and in the same interview he disses Lamar Jackson for accuracy issues even though Allen had the same completion percentage against lesser opponents. The argument shouldn't even be Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson because both of these players honestly should be 4a and 4b when it comes to Qb’s getting drafted this year. I would put Allen in front of Jackson only because he has the best size and the strongest arm of all the Qbs in the draft but has real accuracy problems that don't project well. The true argument, leaving out any racial bias, is that Lamar Jackson does deserve a chance to play QB in the NFL but he has two issues that are working against him and we can't all just ignore. The first flaw in his game is his accuracy is well below average and didn't improve much over his 3 years in college or even at the combine. He also hasn’t helped himself with his choice of having his mom represent him which has lead to a few documented issues with teams and even mentors like Michael Vick trying to get in contact with him and not being able to. According to some reports he has had a really hard time in his interviews going through coverages and plays on the whiteboard which only strengthen the argument against his football IQ. The second argument, and in my opinion the most obvious is that we haven’t seen a QB with his obvious skillset (athletic/playmaking QB) be successful for more than a year or two in the NFL besides Michael Vick who gave the Falcons 4 solid years at Qb ( TD/INT was still 64/46 which isn’t great). Vince Young and Robert Griffin where two other athletic type QBs who had issues in the NFL and never became players that would be valuable to an NFL team. Now you ask why I am only comparing him to black QBs and I would tell you its because there are no other white QBs that have anywhere near the athleticism that Lamar Jackson has!!!!! That’s a compliment but it doesn’t mean he can sit in the pocket and go through the progressions need to win in the NFL. This isn’t a race argument, it is an athletic/QB that was inaccurate in college and ran the ball as much as he threw it in argument. I am in no way arguing that Lamar Jackson doesn't deserve a chance to play QB in the NFL, I'm just arguing that the odds are against him and he doesn't deserve a first round grade. 


The closest comparisons to Lamar Jackson since Mike Vick ->Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin, Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, Pat White, Vince Young, Michael Vick


Lamar Jackson's college passing stats- 57% Pct. 8.3 Y/A 69/27 TD to INT


Robert Griffin - 67.1% 9.4 Y/A 78 to 17 TD to INT in college… 4 seasons in the NFL (2 major injuries),15-25 record, 63.3% Comp%, 42/26 TD to INT, 28.3 QBR and 36.4 QBR in last two years


Colin Kaepernick - 58.2% 7.9 Y/A 82 to 24 TD to INT in college… 6 seasons in the NFL, 28-30 record, 59.8 Comp%, 72/30 TD to INT, combined 3-16 in last three years with a 43.4 and a 49.5 QBR


Michael Vick (was a part of a different era even before the wildcat offense premiered and disappeared as fast as it started)- 56 Comp%, 9.6 Y/A, 21/11 TD to INT in college..... 13 seasons in the NFL, 61-51-1 record, 56.2 Comp%, 133/88 TD to INT



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