Live & Learn Fantasy Baseball Draft #1


** Thought process coming into the draft was to get two star hitters (preferably Correa or Lindor in the second round to lock up the SS position). Also wanted to lock down to top RPs early so I wouldn’t have to worry about that position (hopefully) all season.

Team Hakuna Moncada (YAHOO H2H LEAGUE)

1 (10)- Charlie Blackmon 

Fell to 10th!? YES please. Had planned on taking Harper here if Blackmon was gone but I scooped him up in a quick second. 

2 (15)- Carlos Correa 

First two rounds felt perfect even though I still thought about taking Lindor here because of his 20 sb potential.

3 (34)- Justin Verlander 

Another great fit at the 34th pick. Thought about Bumgarner for a sec, got lucky there.

4 (39)- Craig Kimbrel 

Was waiting on Kenley Janen but it looks like I got  lucky Kimbrel was here instead. 

5 (58)- Chris Archer 

SHIT. I fell for the Chris Archer bullshit ADP and K potential. To be fair I was hoping Nola or Quintana would fall to this spot. Could have had Cole here though.

6 (63)- Aroldis Chapman 

Got nervous with the run on RPs and Chapman fell in my lap. Not bad but should have waited a round and taken Cespedes, Cole, or Pham

7 (82)- Miguel Cabrera

Was surprised Miggy fell this far but still picked a guy who has fallen off and is OLD instead of a younger guy like Gallo or Smoak. Best hindsight move would have been a bat in the 6th and a closer in the 7th.

8 (87)- Jose Berrios

Best pick of the draft so far. Was surprised his ADP was this lose and he fell this far.

9 (106)- Rafael Devers

Had hoped I could get Daniel Murphy or Joey Gallo here and then panicked not having a 3b. Big potential guy but might be a year away.

10 (111)- Masahiro Tanaka

Could not believe Tanaka fell this far but between round 9 and 10 Smoak, Merrifield, Taylor, and Shaw were scooped up and I had hoped to grab a couple of those guys.

11 (130)- Kyle Seager

I have always like Seager and figured getting some insurance for Devers here would be a great fit. Happy with this pick.

12 (135)- Carlos Santana

Panicked a little bit because I started to notice my bats weren’t as strong as I had hoped. Should have went with Matt Olson or Ozzie Albies instead because Santana just doesn’t have much potential.

13 (154)- Yoan Moncada

Another one of My guys. Was hoping to scoop up Albies here but got Moncada who I hope figures the big leagues out at some point this season. AND I get to use the name Hakuna Moncada!

14 (159)- Mark Melancon

Stupid. Hasn’t even thrown a pitch yet. Treinin was right there.

15 (178)-Kyle Schwarber

Stoked to get Schwarber this late. Dude is a good hitter and hopefully gets me a 30 hr 80 rbi season. 

16 (183)- Cole Hamels

Had to go with my teams ace even though he was god awful last year and has been a homer machine the first two weeks. Dude has been a consistent SP and will probably be traded to a good team at some point so theres that. 

17 (202)- Brett Gardner

Love it. The leadoff hitter for the best lineup in baseball. 100 runs and 30 sb.

18 (207)- Manuel Margot

UGH. Didn’t even really want to draft him but saw the ADP and scooped him up instead of Charlie Morton or Dylan Bundy.

19 (226)- Lance Lynn

This dude was great for me last year so I figured this late, why not? Easy dude to drop if need be.

20 (231)- Carlos Gonzalez

Hanley Ramirez went one pick before him…. And I took Lance Lynn over Hanley too… Gonzalez could return to form though.

21 (250)- Logan Morrison

Wasn’t much left out there but could have had Keona Kela, Sean Manaea or Todd Frazier instead. Morrison sucks again after getting his money.

22 (255)- Robinson Chirinos

Catchers just suck in fantasy baseball. Already cut him and might go no catcher the rest of the season.

23 (274)- Brad Ziegler

Hey a closer in the last round! What! Oh he sucks.



-Just Some Dude




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