Live & Learn Fantasy Baseball Draft #2

Team Adrian 3000 (YAHOO H2H LEAGUE)

** Had the same strategy to get a couple top notch closers and get two really solid bats in the first two rounds


1  (8)- Charlie Blackmon

MY GUY slipped to me again. A consistent top 3 hitter at #8, not a bad way to start a draft.

2 (17)- Joey Votto

DUMB. Panicked and took him over Correa/Lindor when you can get a really good 1B of the scrapheap in the first couple weeks like Smoak/Morrison last year. Decided since I already had Correa in the other league that I could scoop up Andrus in the 5th or 6th. 

3 (32)- Jacob DeGrom

Love It. DeGrom is a true ace and was hoping to pair him with Verlander or Strasburg next but they both got taken before pick 41.

4 (41)- Kenley Jansen

Ignored the low velocity numbers and its hasn’t looked good so far but here's to hoping he turns back into shutdown Jansen.

5 (56)- Robinson Cano

Was waiting on Kimbrel and he got picked two spots before this so I went with Cano who will probably be an All Star 2B until he’s 40.

6 (65)- Elvis Andrus

Got just what I was hoping for when I skipped on Correa and Lindor and got the best hitter on my favorite team. Injured a week later…. Go Rangers..

7 (80)- Jose Quintana

Gerrit Cole or Berrios would have been perfect here but went with the best pitcher on the best team in the NL. He has looked BAD in his first couple starts but he still should be good for 200ks  as long as he stays healthy (he has been very durable). 

8 (89)- Tommy Pham

Had Pham last year and he was great, so Im hoping the potential hits and in a perfect world he's a .300 30/30 guy.

9 (104)- Adrian Beltre

The Texas Rangers Hall of Famer. Enough said and now I have a team name. Adrian 3000

10 (113)- Justin Smoak

Another guy who won a league for me last year so getting an All Star in the 10th round was a steal to me.

11 (128)- Kyle Seager

Seager again. Like the guy and hope he steps back up with a 30hr 100 rbi season.

12 (137)- Alex Wood

Couldn’t believe this guy fell to the 12th round. 150 k’s in 150 innings last year.

13 (152)- Marcus Stroman

Danny Duffy and Jameson Taillon got picked before I could get them so I went with Stroman even though he doesn’t have a great fantasy ceiling.

14 (161)- Mark Melancon

This looks familiar. Hasn’t thrown a pitch yet.. Wont make the Melancon mistake again.

15 (176)- Delino DeShields

If he didn’t break his hand early he could have had 100 runs and 50 sb in the 15th round. He might still get 50 sb and 80 runs even in a dreadful Rangers lineup.

16 (185)- Adam Duvall

Started out slow and is stuck in a 4 man outfield so he was gone quick.

17 (200)- Taijuan Walker

Another Mr. Potential that is headed for Tommy John. Worth the grab here though.

18 (209)- Chris Davis

UGH. What a waste of money and time for the Orioles and a waste of a roster spot for the week I had him. 

19 (224)- Drew Pomeranz

Hopefully turns out to be my best pick of the draft. Dude can pitch if he can just stay healthy. 174 K’s in 173 ing’s last year in the 19th round. Whaaat

20 (233)- Lance Lynn

Another one of my guys from last year that has already been cut but I will keep an eye on. Usually consistent but not spectacular and not a hard person to cut quick if he sucks.

21 (248)- Steven Matz

EH. Was hoping he would turn it around and still might but he will probably be back and forth on the waiver wire for a while.

22 (257)- Patrick Corbin

THE PICK OF THe draft….. I cut him when I traded Votto for Cody Allen, Hector Neris, and Zach Godley… Sadness my dear friend...

23 (272)- Robinson Chirinos

Familiar pick. Already slumped hard and already dropped.



-Just Some Dude

Forrest Vickery